This Week In Blogs: Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

This week in blogs is a Friday series dedicated to providing you with current and relevant material relating to all things pregnancy, birth, your time postpartum, recovery, and overall family care. 


Northwest Suburban Doula  wrote a post this week entitled My Baby Hates The Carseat.  In this blog, there’s tips and tricks on what you can do if your baby hates their carseat. My favorite part of this blog is when it talks about what baby wants to do now while you’re trying to get out the door. That’s one of the realities of parenting. It’s such a cool age when they can tell you that they’re hungry, what they want to eat, and that they have to go to the bathroom. I’ve been to the point where I’m listening to the most horrid nursery rhymes over and over again in the car. I found that I personally love Rockabye Baby! music because who doesn’t love classic rock and a calm baby? If I’ve listening to Metallica on repeat anyway, why not have the baby version?!

Don’t Forget Her is a blog written by Metro Detroit Doula Services. Oh goodness. This one brings out my feelies. It’s so important to remember that the focus postpartum is more than just a focus on the baby. It drove me crazy postpartum when everyone referred to me as, “Mama”. I wanted people to call me by my name, and I would have been passionately enthusiastic about coffee of any kind that didn’t involve me fetching it.

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