TENS Unit Rental

Natural pain relief for a more comfortable labor.

A TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, unit is a battery-powered machine that sends an electrical pulse through your skin to provide natural pain relief. The unit is small and portable, and consists of a handheld device, electrodes and lead wires. And although that may sound a bit scary, a TENS unit is an easy way to reduce discomfort when you need it most.

A TENS unit:

  • works instantly
  • does not restrict movement
  • does not decrease mobility or mental function
  • can delay or eliminate the need for an epidural
  • can be used multiple times without the need for pad replacement
ent a TENS Machine for labour and birth in Houston, TX

How does it work?

The brain works by focusing on whatever sensation it feels first. When you send gentle electrical pulses through your body during a time of discomfort, your brain is distracted from that discomfort. This is called the Gate Control Theory. The TENS unit sends those pulses when you need them the most, while also helping you to release endorphins that make your body feel good.

If you’re in Houston Central Doulas’ care during your birth, you’ll automatically have access to a TENS unit if you’d like it. If you’re not in our care but would like to rent the machine separately, fill out the form below. The cost for rental is $20 plus a refundable deposit.

When should I avoid using a TENS unit?

TENS units are not recommended if:

  • you are earlier than 37 weeks gestation
  • you have a pacemaker
  • you also have an epidural
  • you have an internal electric fetal monitor
  • you are laboring in water

I want one!

Once you’re at least 37 weeks along, you can rent a TENS unit from us. You’ll return it two weeks after labor, and there’s a refundable deposit due in advance.

Contact us today to talk machine options and arrange pickup or delivery!

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