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ZZZzss – Sleeping In Labor


Go to sleep in labor. Yes, to sleep. You heard me right.

Sleep is a powerful natural labor pain management technique. Why? When you are asleep, or even just consciously making the choice to rest, you let go. When we are awake, we are focused on all of our senses, and are more aware of sensations of pain and pressure in our bodies.

I personally liked contractions much better when they occurred when I was asleep. When you are asleep, you still react to the peak of a contraction by stirring or moaning, but you’re less observant of every rise and fall.

Additionally, sleep makes time go by faster. You can feel the difference between sleeping through the night, and staying awake all night. Eight hours is still eight hours. But it can be time that feels like a haze, or a hyper aware eight hours.

Have hear or notice how most babies come at night? The mother feels some contractions in her sleep, but just sort of ignores them? Then she gets to the hospital and she’s 3, 5, 7 centimeters dilated? It’s because she let go and her body did the work to get her ready for the part of labor that does require her focus and energy.

Baby days are long days when they turn into birthday parties. There’s the fact that you’ve usually been awake a looong time, and then the excitement of meeting your baby, getting situated, and, usually, seeing family and friends immediately after the birth.

If you rest as much as you can during labor, you will have more energy when it comes to meeting your baby.

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