Helping Your Baby Or Infant Sleep Through The Night Is A Dance

At 3am, you don’t want to dance with anyone. I get it. You’re either parenting all day, or working on professional and personal tasks. You don’t want to be awake all day and all night. Enter the sleep consultant. A sleep consultant can teach you all of the tricks, tools, and techniques to encourage your baby to sleep through the night.

Sleep shaping your baby or infant is a dance. It is a dance because it is a gentle approach utilized to help you and your baby work together. It’s a dance because it involves a combination of methodologies. It can make you question your parenting techniques.

You love your baby dearly, and you want to be there for them. Always. But you also want them to gain some independence. You want more sleep. And you want less visits to the chiropractor caused by all night bouncing and rocking. The clash between attachment parenting and wanting more independence makes you feel guilt. And that’s normal. That’s what tells you you’re on the right track.

Sleep Training Sounds Harsh

Sleep training sounds harsh. I prefer to call it sleep shaping, because you are shaping the course of your night, not demanding a change. You don’t want your baby to cry it out. You don’t want to deprive them of love, attention, or a need that they have. And you’re afraid that if you hire a sleep consultant, you’re going to be forced to do something that goes against your parenting philosophy. Nope. I’m going to teach you how to let your baby lead you into your nightly dance. And once you’ve done the cha-cha baby’s way, I’m going to teach you how to guide them into a routine that works for the entire family.

How Does A Sleep Consult Work?

There are alterations and methodologies that work on all babies. I’m going to show you some techniques that help all babies find their “reset” button when they are losing their ever loving minds. And we all know that when baby is losing their mind, their parents start to become a little unraveled as well. Sleep deprivation is not a joke. Beyond a basic understanding of infant sleep, we’re going to work together to find the sleep methodology that will work best for not only your baby, but also for your parenting philosophy and peace of mind.

I like to do in-home consults (but Skype and phone are available as well) because I like to make eye contact with you while we’re focusing on sleep solutions. I like to see the sleep environment, and to meet the little person that keeps you awake at night. With your permission, we utilize your little person so that I can show you physical tricks to comfort them when they are fighting sleep, and how to gently remove the physical comfort we offer fussy children gradually until you get them to self-soothe to sleep.

I utilize my experience having been mentored as a sleep consultant paired with extensive research and my experience as a postpartum doula, night nanny, and general nanny experiences to form a gentle approach. I call it, “loving, but firm”. All approaches carefully factor in age appropriate developmental psychology and modern science relating to infant-parent attachment.

Pricing And Scheduling

$30 for a one hour phone consult appointment

$45 for 1.5 hours of an in-person consult in your home

If you are looking for long-term overnight support, you can learn more about our Houston Postpartum Doula Services. Prices are $29 per hour for hours 9p-9a.

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