The private childbirth class that’s all about you!

Learn everything you wanted to know about giving birth, from the comfort of your home!

Houston Central Doulas offers private birth classes to teach you everything you’ve wondered about pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and parenting.

Learn the How, When, and Why of all things parenting, and get curriculum targeted to your personal birth and parenting values. Discover the nuances of the medical side of birth, and learn the differences between a hospital, birth center, or home birth location. Figure out best practices for labor comfort, infant feeding, and newborn sleep. Our classes are different because they are truly tailored to you!

Offered in hourly increments, we will work with you to develop strategies that work for you. Private classes mean you get to schedule them at your convenience—making them accessible for those with busy lives. And, if you need more time at the end, we’re happy to provide as much additional education as you’d like!

***If you are one of our Hypnobabies clients, we are going to use your self-study course, or the information from your group class and not our other curriculum. Our hypnobabies doula is a certified hypnobabies hypnodoula, but not a certified educator with Hypnobabies. So you must either purchase a self-study or group class with a different company. If you have the class, we are fully prepared to support you as a labor doula and you would NOT purchase childbirth education with us. Your prenatals and birth rehearsal would be covered in your labor doula fees***

Including, But Not Limited To:

The Physiology of Birth: The phases and stages of labor

Role of the Coach

Role of the doula (if you have/want one)

Building a birth plan

Positions for pregnancy & labor

Signs of Labor

Timing Contractions

When to go to the birth place

What to pack for labor

Breathing techniques

Relaxation techniques

Natural pain relief

Pharmacological pain relief options

Hospital routines and options

Birth center routines and options

Home birth routines and options

Caring for your newborn

What no one tells you about postpartum recovery

Building a postpartum care plan

Infant feeding options (breastfeeding and/or formula feeding)

What to do when shit hits the fan in labor or postpartum recovery

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Q & A With the Doula

Perfect for the couple who has already taken childbirth classes (whether through us or not!), the Q & A with the doula session allows you to drill your childbirth educator with any lingering or last minute questions that are still on your mind.

Want to brush up on your knowledge or clarify something you’ve learned? The Q & A with the doula service is right for you. Best of all, you can choose the location—at your home, in our office, or over Skype—making it an easy way to ease your mind.

Contact us today to schedule your sessions!