Houston Central Doulas provides private in-home birth & parenting classes to families in Houston.

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Meet Moriah Burke

Houston Central Doulas

Meet Moriah Burke

What services do you provide? 

I’m a birth doula matchmaker. Before I launched and started managing Houston Central Doulas, I was the birth doula for all of the clients. Now I’m delighted to have a wonderful birth team and facilitate the overall client experience. I do most of our client inquiry and consult requests. After I learn more about the client, I help connect them to the member of our team that best matches. 

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From Water Breaking To The First Postpartum Poop

labor and postpartum recovery

There Are Parts Of Labor And Postpartum Recovery That Aren’t Talked About Enough

We’re going to talk about some of the things that aren’t commonly talked about regarding labor and postpartum recovery. The truth is that labor is a marathon of physical, mental, and emotional endurance. Birth is also super messy.

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Houston Birth + Parenting Classes

Birth + Parenting Classes

You’re looking for  birth + parenting classes in Houston. You have ideas of what pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn is like. You have a plan in mind of how you want to birth and parent your baby.

But you still have questions. This is a life-changing event, and you want to talk to a baby event planner.

You have dreams, nursery decor, fears, and anxieties. Is your pregnancy normal? Is your birth plan possible? (Read: 10 Tips For Finishing Your Birth Plan).

You feel overwhelmed by your choices. There’s a pile of baby books on your night stand. You don’t know whether you want to have an epidural or not. You have no idea if you want to breastfeed or formula feed.

All that you know is that you want all the information possible. Preferably in a shorter version than a 300 page book. You want birth + parenting classes that fit your preferences, your budget, your time.

And if you can do it in your pajamas, that’s even better.

We have you covered.

What You Can Expect From Our Houston Birth And Parenting Classes

  • comfort measures for labor: what you can do for yourself and what to pack
  • position changes that help you get comfortable, move around, or reduce pain sensations
  • non-judgmental support of your preferred methods of birth + parenting
  • education and support as you explore your options and learn more about all of the jargon associated with birth
  • the physiological aspects of birth: what happens, when it happens, why it is happening, how it feels, and what to do about it
  • helping to teach partners how to be birth support people for labor with hands on techniques, practice, and support reinforcement
  • Know labor is beginning, when to move to the birth location, and what to pack
  • Time contractions, or not,  and knowing whether this is  ” the real thing”
  • Know when in pregnancy or labor you should call your medical team
  • Assistance with forming an idea of your birth plan and what should go on it
  • newborn care: what they do, when to do it, and why they’re doing it. Help with understanding feeding, bathing, sleep, and basic newborn care
  • How to make a household action plan to get through the postpartum period with clean clothes, rest, and food
  • Answers to all your pressing questions explained in terms real people understand
  • And so, so much more.


Our Childbirth Education Page

The Benefits of Private Birth Classes


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The Benefits of Private Birth Classes

Birth Classes in Houston Can Be Done From The Comforts Of Your Own Home

If you’ve Googled birth classes in Houston, you know that you have a lot of options. You want a birth class that is close to home. You want a birth class that is affordable. You want a birth class that is going to be geared toward your ideal birth, your goals, and your parenting philosophies. What if I told you that there was a birth class that you could take in your living room? What if I told you that it’s completely affordable? What if the class only provided information that was catered to you? Welcome, you’re in the right place.


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