Support through pregnancy, labor, and birth

Home birth or hospital birth - Labour and Birth Doulas for Houston families

Why We’re Different Than Any Other Doula Company In Houston

We have six birth doulas on our team. We often do complimentary group consults in your home so that you get to meet many of us at once. I love it when you get to meet the doula that is right for you, as well as all of their backups for you birth. And yes, I’ll let you tell me who your favorite is so we can try to connect you together.

We also have a call service for when you go into labor. That way you are guaranteed to get your call answered and your doula or backup doula sent straight to you.

You’re Going To Rock Your Birth, And We Can Help Support You

You want what’s best for you, your baby, and your family. A doula is there every step of the way. You want modern information, expert care, and continuous support. A doula provides all of that and more.

Our  doulas supports you through your pregnancy, labor and birth by helping you with:

  • deciding when to head to the hospital
  • getting comfortable during labor
  • positional changes and comfort measures during labor
  • encouraging and supporting you
  • Bias free support. Birth how you want, and we support you 100%
  • helping your partner help you
  • educating you on your options
  • being as present as you’d like
  • following up with you postpartum for continuity of care
  • helping you connect with your tribe of professional resources and new friends

Labor & Birth Services

Option 1: Hourly Doula Support

Our most loved option for birth doula services is our hourly model. You pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space, and then $35 an hour or every hour a doula provides face to face support. You can pay for birth classes ($35h), birth support ($35h), or postpartum support ($25-$29) in one hour increments. This is a great option if you typically have fast labors, only want a doula at the end of your birth, or don’t want to invest in a package. It’s basically an a la carte option that let’s you build a plan for exactly what you want. You can use your hours for most of our services and they are transferable among services.

We provide free consultations for this option.

Option 2: The Lexus Of  Birth Doula Support in Houston

Option 2 is a $900 package that includes unlimited birth preparation and childbirth class hours, unlimited birth support hours, and 2-3 hours of postpartum support following the birth of your baby to ensure you are settled in and comfortable. Yes, we absolutely do assist with breastfeeding during that time if that interests you.

Free Consultation

Schedule your free consultation and we’ll meet you where is most convenient! At your home, at a coffee shop, at our office, or through Skype video conferencing, we travel to you.

Ask all the questions you have about doula care and what makes Houston Central Doulas different. Tell us your ideal experience, and we’ll match you with your ideal doula. We’ll get to know each other, learn more about your family, and talk about the services that you will benefit from.

There’s absolutely no obligation, and this consultation is 100% free! We look forward to meeting you.

Prenatal Visits, Birth Planning, And Birth + Parenting Classes

Option 2 package includes a free membership to Motherboard Birth where you can design your birth plan online in a very easy grid form and share it directly with your partner, provider, and doula(s).

During a prenatal visit, we can meet your OB/GYN or midwife if it eases your mind.

We can meet up and drink tea while you talk about your family, your birth goals, your story, and how you want a doula to most benefit you.

We can also do birth + parenting classes where we talk about all the normal processes of birth, how you may feel, techniques for comfort and pain management, and how to help your partner help you. We take care of your partner, too.

And then we’ll talk about all the things no one ever tells you about postpartum recovery and taking care of your baby.

Birth Doula in Houston TX - Breastfeeding support for Houston families.

Labor Support (Face to Face)

Day or night, rain or shine, your doula will be by your side when you need them. Invite us over right from early labor, or call us when it’s time to head to your birthing place. We’re here to provide support when you want it.

Doulas provide physical, emotional, and educational support that is focused on the entire family. Our support is continuous, which means that when we’re with you, you are our only focus. Your doula will not leave to support another family during your care.

This is your journey, not ours. If you need a private moment with your partner, we’ll wait outside until you’re ready. If you want us next to you the entire time, we’re ready to support. Your labor experience with your doula is truly customizable.

Immediate Postpartum Support

Your doula will say with you for a couple hours after your birth. We’ll help clean up, get you tucked in, and ensure you are feeling comfortable. We can help with breastfeeding and newborn care, too. Once we’re sure you’re settled in and have everything you need (including that postpartum victory meal!), we’ll leave you to rest.

Postpartum Support At Home (Add-On Service)

Ask all the questions about your recovery, feeding, and newborn care. Put us to work folding laundry. Hop in the shower while we cuddle baby. Take a nap while we keep the family occupied. Your postpartum visit is tailored to what you need in that moment, whether it’s an understanding ear or a life assistant for the day. We’ll help you feel clean, fed, loved on, understood, and like your life is coming back together.